‘open your eyes for a second’

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When I entered his room i could see a young boy sleeping comfortably on his bed. when I looked at his face he was cute like a baby dressed in white clothes , only his face was seen rest of his body was covered with bed sheet . We went to see him during our morning rotations with the pediatrician , so the doctor asked us to start examining the boy.We started our examination by looking at his surrounding I could see he was connected to too many machines , as I was a beginner in clinics I dint know the names of the machines .Then we looked at his chubby baby face there was no dysmorphic features ,we couldn’t continue our examination further because the consent wasn’t granted for us as his guardian was away from the hospital. From somewhere I could listen to holy Quran recitation in a low and melodious volume.This took me to another spiritual and peaceful  world. Rarely I came across such a situation in hospital setup .Then the doctor asked us to present our findings to him. All of us agreed that we couldn’t find any relevant features after examination then the doctor told us about him, he was around 10 years he has been in the hospital for quite a while , he had a serious life threatening infection that ended up this way. Then the doctor told us about the machines he was connected to, 1 among them was pulse oximeter to check the vitals and the other one  was’ ventilator’. That particular word echoed in my ears , I was literally shocked to hear this . Then the doctor told us that his pupils are dilated and he is living with the support of ventilator. Then I looked at his face and I  thought for a while why was god so cruel with him. Thinking about his mom made me more emotional how is she accepting the reality that her child will not even open his eyes to look at her for the rest of his life. Usually a lady becomes a mother even before her delivery , she starts loving her baby since the beginning of her pregnancy. Mothers are so vigilant about the growth and development of their kids. Especially they eagerly wait for social developments like smile, baby talks,etc. Once the baby takes his first footstep the mother is super thrilled. She spends more time with the kid no matter whether she is tired or not.Her utmost importance is baby’s happiness and comfort.The mother  gets upset and worried even when a small injury happens to the kid. If the baby falls ill she stays up all night . Here the mother of the young boy  has successfully seen her kid passing each age with proper development. And all of a sudden the situation has changed upside down ,the boy falls sick  mother thought that her kid will get better soon but the destiny was different.The mother is forced to see her kid  months and years in hospital bed fighting for his life. Just imagine his friends and family how did they accept this bad news that he will not come back to their life.When we hear this kind of news we would make a comment- that’s the fate of the baby and family. Just imagine if each one of us was in such a condition , that’s terrible. Instead of enjoying his school days with his friends he is waiting for the angel of death to take his soul away from this world. When the mother see kids of his age she will definitely think if my baby was healthy he will be hanging around with the family and friends this way, she  will have his thoughts crossing over her mind daily.In my life I have seen mothers who gets emotionally disturbed so much if the kid goes to grandparent’s  place for a day , so how can a mother accept this  devastating tragedy in her life .

While all this thought wandered my mind I looked at him again ,the innocent baby still lying on his bed peacefully . When I was coming out of his room  I wished if he interacted with us during our examination.Whenever we students go for examining a child ( cooperative) it is fun and we enjoy a lot . Here on the other hand all of us were disappointed and silently we all wished god could have written a better destiny for him. . Miracles happen in this world I hope such a miracle happens here just to save his life. All I can do for him was to make silent prayers.

May god almighty gather him and us together in heaven.



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