unexpected goodbye

when I was in grade 5 I heard about her for the first time . She was 1 among the teaching staff in our school , she taught hindi ( I was very poor in that language).  First thing that attracted me to her was her long thick hair and a charming face.She doesnt apply make up but she has a glowing face.I have seen her a couple of times in the corridor . She was always with kids and loves to be around kids. During that year she was my friend’s teacher she spoke very little about her . My friend told me that she was strict and outspoken. As we know ” first impression is the best impression ” I had created a negative image in my mind about her.2 years later, when I was in grade 7 she became my  hindi teacher.Initially I  had a difficult time to be in good rapport with her slowly she became my role model . It is because  of her I started loving that subject . She made her teaching sessions interactive , she addressed the students with nick names she tried her level best to make teaching interesting and slowly I started loving her . She was so lively , she spreads a positive vibe when she is around people. While teaching she tried her best to communicate through hindi because she wanted us to improve our vocabulary skills . During that time I was the class leader so most of the time I was away from the class .First thing she enquired whenever she see me in the corridor ” why are you here don’t you have lecture now”she scolds me if I miss any lecture. Slowly I became 1 among her favorite student. So I made sure that she was never disappointed with my behaviour , I was up to date in her subject .She was the first teacher who asked us to search information  from books in our school library ,till then the teachers considered us as babies who is bottle fed . She specifically mentioned not to seek help from others. Hearing this I nearly had a heartache ,that was the very first time using library for education purpose till then we used library only for story books . I still remember me and my friends searched a few books and was disappointed because we collected very few information . She asked us to submit our work and most of them dint submit but she dint make any issues .This method of teaching made her unique , she considered us as adults and wanted us to search information without any assistance. She considered me as her own daughter as god didn’t bless her with a kid ( back then ). She always criticized me whenever I made a mistake . She used to scold me whenever I score less mark in hindi.May be because of that I scored the highest mark in hindi throughout my life during that year.

During that time I was interested in crafts I used to make bracelets , so once she came across that she encouraged me and asked me to concentrate more on such works .She gave me ideas as she was taught in  her school little bit about crafts. She appreciated all my works even if that wasn’t perfect. I never expected this from her because I thought she was concerned only about studies. She was able to find the hidden potential in us and she made sure that she motivated . Then as days passed I was so close to her , at the end of the year I was upset thinking that I wont have any more classes with her.. A month before my finals she asked me to come to the teachers room with my notebook , I went and gave her my book she told me that she will be away for a few days as she is sick and she told that she will return my book within a day. I asked her why does she need my book? she replied that she loved my handwriting ( only hindi ) and wanted to make question paper  referring my notes. I dint know whether I should cry or smile in such a situation.Because she is a kind of person who expects perfection from us, she insisted us to write our notes with certain kind of pen . Using pen other than her choice makes her irritated,she checks our notebooks daily before her lecture begins to make sure that we have completed our notes . That appreciation was like awarding me with a national recognition.Most of the teachers in our school refer their own notes to prepare question papers. I was overwhelmed to hear that from her.

After that incident I think I have never seen her again in my life, I was upset beacause she wasnt around me in school.I asked her colleagues where she was they told me she was sick and has resigned her job from my school. That was hard to accept because I never expected her to leave that soon from  my life. I have dreamt about her a couple of times . After social networking sites became popular I searched  her several times , I was able to find many teachers who taught me unfortunately I couldn’t find her.  I have never heard about her since 2008 . I don’t even know where she is?

Everybody has a teacher who can never be replaced  , in my life it was her Mrs. Preetha Haridas a person who left footprints in my life .I am not sure whether she will remember me as a student because she came across thousands of students in her career life. She may find a hundred students like me but I will never find a single teacher like her in my life.




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