sneak in for a movie

once upon time ……this reminds me of old nursery stories..

delete that….

lets begin NOW

In the year 2008,for the first time in my life i heard that my bestie became a huge fan of a Bollywood actress – Genelia . Till then she was interested only in reading books and figuring how  to solve mathematics .My friend liked her for the first time when she watched a Telugu movie. As months passed her craziness was peaking she would spend hours daily on web to check new updates about  her movie , ads shooting and rated her pictures on several websites ,she even followed her dress code ( Telugu movie).It was unbelievable for me to see such a drastic change in her.

She spoke a lot about Genelia’s family background and also her movies. Whenever she came to my home she start’s browsing and would show me the recent pictures and movie posters .She spoke a lot about this particular Telugu movie , i was about to get a headache hearing this daily so i asked her to tell me the story of that movie so that i need not download that movie from google and watch ( time-consuming ). My friend told me that you should watch the whole movie only then you will like the movie.In other words happily she rejected my cool idea.

She wanted me to watch that movie somehow so just before my exams she decided to invite me to her house to watch that movie. Her parents doesn’t like kids watching movies and  spending hours on it ,so it was hard for her to convince parents about my visit .Her parents used to go for jogging in the evening meanwhile her brother goes out so she thought that was the best time to watch movie with me.I sneaked in to her home when they leave.Me ,my friend and her younger sister was the audience. By the time i reach, her sister used to set the computer  .We usually spend 10 -20 minutes per day by the time her brother will be back home.He was confused to see me daily in his house( but he was least bothered about it) .As me and my friend was neighbours for years my mom dint have any issues of letting me to her home. But daily visits’ at the same time elicited doubts in my mom. She asked me regarding that so i told her exams are approaching  so we decided to spend time together  discussing questions and clearing our doubts as my friend was brilliant in school my mom was satisfied with my reply.

I still remember how hard it was for my bestie’s sister to remember where we paused the previous day, so we recalled the dialogues and scene that we watched yesterday .It was hard because i prefer watching a movie at a stretch( which was impossible here ).i had to link the scene i watched earlier to get a proper outline of what happened in the story.I think it took nearly a week or more for me to complete that movie. Such an experience was for the first time in my life,such a long period to watch a movie. After completing my friend asked my opinion about that movie ( i am very choosy about the storyline )so i told her that it was an above average movie because i dint want her to get disappointed after taking so much effort .

Her parents decided to move to Kerala after our finals .My friend wanted me to watch another Bollywood movie of Genelia. One day she told me that the next day morning around 9 i should go to her house ( she dint disclose the reason). As you know it was during my vacation (post exam enjoyment) i used to sleep till afternoon.’To visit her in the morning was like clearing any competitive exam’it was a real battle for me . I told my mom regarding this visit and asked her to wake me up early. Fortunately i got up around 10 i was shocked to open my eyes and look at the clock jumping out of my bed i ran to my mom and asked whether my friend rang me ? luckily my friend dint ring me yet, half an hour later she called me. Her parents and brother went out regarding visa procedure so we had enough time to complete another movie meanwhile. This time it was a bollywood movie i am fluent in hindi :p so i had to interrupt every scene for translation.Initially it dint bother my friend eventually she was pissed and she asked me to watch the movie without verbal subtitles, somehow i managed. We enjoyed the movie with cashew nuts , chips etc instead of Pepsi and popcorn.Time flew  before they returned we accomplished our task.

In my life i have watched a lot of movies but none of the movies are close to my heart like these two movies , may be because that was the first time i watched a movie with my friend ,OR the memories related .Treasure those chotti chotti moments in your life , once when you look back  without regrets you should say those where the best days.


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