Faster than aeroplane but cheaper than taxi

Yup i was travelling in a bus after 5 long years, i remember using bus for the last time when i went for my sibling’s wedding  shopping with a bunch of cousins and they knew I wasn’t a regular passenger in these kind of buses so they gave me special treatment. But this time it was different, it was with my first hero Mr Kallery Yousaf ,he parked his car next to the bus stop. While walking to the bus stop i saw my little cousin waiting for her scheduled bus. Before i reach the bus stop a limited stop bus from Kannur to Kozhikode pressed break at the stop .Seeing a long queue i thought i wouldn’t get a chance to climb in, but my thoughts went wrong as it is limited stop bus very  few people got in and we were 1 among them.It was the peak hours so the bus was crowded by students and adults. As expected there was no empty seat so I decided to stand , the bus conductor moves from one end of the bus to the other in order to collect the ticket fare from the passenger. It was difficult for me to squeeze in between the seats  and the passenger whenever he passed by( not experienced) .Each stop you could see kids getting down and walking away to schools with a sleepy and grumpy face.Whenever the driver forced pressure on the break people at the back are thrown to front , i lost my balance whenever he did so but i could see few people who was used to these kind of sudden braking .Even if there is no space for an ant people would climb in so that they can reach the destination on time.I have seen many buses that was tilted to one side because of the weight of the passengers.Seriously i was nervous through out my journey because my dad was few seats behind me but i could see kids who are minor confidently using these bus at that point i really felt ashamed of myself.

Those kids are happy even though  they are forced to use public transport they don’t even get proper space to breathe in.  In my school days i have seen parents saying the school bus was late or before time. I think we are fortunate enough to afford  air conditioned school bus , there are thousands of kids who has to walk miles to attend school.

6 thoughts on “Faster than aeroplane but cheaper than taxi

      1. Yes, you did, mataindah! I am from Kerala but lived and studied outside Kerala. Most vacations were spent in my grandparents home. My father and I usually took the ‘flying’ buses when we went over to meet relatives. The green paddy fields rushing by with loud Malayalam numbers playing in the background are still vivid in my mind’s eye.
        U from Kerala too, I assume?


      2. Your assumption is correct Basically i am from Kozhikode but born and brought up here in Dubai .. Woww I love that sight of paddy fields while travelling along village suburban areas of kerala

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