Deep wound still oozing blood

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After several hours of thinking i decided to write this ,I have no clue what withholds me from this. It was during a summer break I came to know about the existence of this person in this world and it was through facebook . Initially I din’t bother to mingle much and as months passed I became very attached.

Back then this person was doing final year so as expected by all mallus even my friend was planning to find a good job abroad. Nearly after 2 years of graduation my friend visited dubai for the very first time . So when I came to know about the visit I was like let me do a favor by finding a good job vacancy so I decided to search ,I browsed several websites, I asked my friends who are working to update me if there is good vacancies in their firm. Just like paper boats sinking in water all my efforts was worthless because nothing actually worked. My friend was here only for a month so obviously days just passed quickly even before i could count.Couple of days after my friend left Dubai I got a positive response from some company but that was in vain .I really regretted because I couldn’t find at least one good job offer after so much of effort!. Moreover that person had very few friends back then in Dubai so I was obliged to help.I am not sure whether what I did made that person happy, it was not done on request but out of friendship. It was hard for me to accept that I was able to do nothing . And then to be optimistic I thought In sha allah I might end up finding a good job for my friend next time. I was eagerly looking forward for that glad news. Meanwhile because of the busy schedule we hardly spoke.

Few months back I heard the most devastating news that friend of mine found a job abroad and has left Kerala. Since then I never tried to keep in contact.May be I was rude in taking that decision on the other hand that person don’t even care about it. There is no point in grumbling that my friend din’t let me know about this job and stuffs related to it may be because it has nothing to do with my life and that’s true.If my friend took an effort to let me know that would have been appreciated by me. This incident proved me that I am not an important factor in my friend’s life , because some people are not lucky to have you in their life.Rarely people will realize your worth . I have no idea whether that particular friend  will ever come across this , by chance if you get to read this post I am sorry to write about this but the scar is left bleeding in me.It was your choice not to let me know so I think I am supposed to respect your decision.

After all I was merely a stranger who walked in  and out with invisible footprints in your life.


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