A warm welcome to unexpected death

Siren of ambulance was getting louder and  louder as the driver stopped at the A/E unit, Yep there is an emergency . After few seconds the door of the ambulance opens ,the stretcher is out with a male patient who was lying semi conscious  .The duty doctor rushed to him asking few other patient’s to wait, he was followed by his kith and kin everybody looked a bit worried and panicked. The nursing staff was ordered to measure the vitals ,grbs and an ECG. Meanwhile she took history from the relatives they told her that the patient is on insulin, he has had such hypoglycemic state earlier and eventually he would slip into unconsciousness .This has happened a couple of times so they actually dint worry much about the current state.Before bringing him to A\E the wife has given him sugar orally  , but it dint actually help him.She told that it is the same episode that struck  him now.Few minutes later the staff nurse brings the ECG paper . The atmosphere has turned gloomy and silence was filling the room.The  facial expression on the duty doctor has changed , she became disturbed in a very low voice she muttered to herself that the patient is breathing his last air because she could find severe angina changes in the ECG. She asked the nursing staff to shift the patient to ICU. She turned her attention to his relatives they look the same , they expect him to recover within minutes  she dint  know how to break this bad news  because that will crush their hopes somehow she managed to say  that the condition is a bit worse it will be more comfortable if he is shifted, they agreed by nodding their head.


Duty doctor left along with the patient to ICU. After a while the patient’s by standers came to A/E and inquired about  his condition , they asked whether they should shift him to a better equipped hospital in the city and also about the future treatment plans. The staff there was mute for a second  because they knew all these questions are actually pointless now .They just told them that they should meet the doctor who was with the patient because she attended him in emergency.It wasn’t an easy job for them to disclose the truth. Half an hour later the female duty doctor comes out and the moment she disclosed that the patient has expired all she could hear was a loud scream and screeching reaction of terror.They never imagined him being a memory soon. Hearing this cry she experienced numbness because she saw him fighting for life at his deathbed an hour back.

“Doctors are just care takers and can never be a guarantee for one’s life”

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