mehendi laga ke rakhna


Waking up to the smell of dried henna on your hands ,Its the best feeling ever .Every girl looks prettier when her hands are adorned with henna  that’s why asian brides have mehendi as an inevitable event

When i was young my sister used to apply henna for me and my friends , and the end of the day she was totally exhausted. Sad truth is that after taking so much efforts for us her hands will be empty on eid. On the day of eid  out of curiosity kids go around the neighborhood just to check whose henna has turned beautiful and red. Back then i was proud to say that i have applied henna till my elbow.

After my sister got married i tookover her role. These days i make sure i try different designs every time.

Initially i tried henna designs on book and slowly began experimenting various simple designs on my hand. Those days it was disgusting to look at it.203

I should thank social media now because most of my henna designs are the modified version seen in these websites.

My niece loves to put henna on her hands , the best part is that she takes care of it so well even while she is asleep. So henna turns out so attractive on her tiny hands.

Years back whenever i travel to makkah for pilgrimage i make sure that i have bought henna powder when i come back . Now my sister has requested her colleague to get henna powder from Sudan ( when she goes for vacation ).

Back in my country people plant henna tree , and apply natural henna once in a while.They pluck the leaves and put it on ammikallu( a kitchen tool used in kerala) to make henna paste.




Since few years my cousins have tried making artificial henna at home using sugar and tea powder. HAHAHA Even i tried it a couple of times all i did was dumping sugar and tea powder in  the waste.

This year for the first time i dint feel like applying henna  , you need your family beside you when you celebrate special occasions.




2 thoughts on “mehendi laga ke rakhna

  1. Our Eid are much bigger. All the cousins used to gather at the ancestral home one day before Eid and we do henna together. Elders do henna to younger ones and they too do for each other. So there were not even a single person without Mehendi. Even the boys used to write Eid Mubarak on their hands with Mehendi. And on nails, we apply natural one, made by our moms’ collective effort. Grandma and moms used to put one big round and smaller rounds around it and capped their fingertips with Mehendi. They used to do other experiments too with natural Mehendi though they din use the tubes for a long time. Later the elder girls got married and my sis was the last of their gang, and we took over. Even then, I used to be at the receiving end as one of my niece also started experimenting and she was quite an artist. Even my peers got married now and family is getting bigger and bigger, and that niece of mine (she is my cousin’s daughter) also got married, despite being younger than me. Now, our actual family get-together happens on next day of Eid and even that can’t get everyone as many are abroad and all, and day before Eid I put Mehendi to my own little nieces, and I’ll be tired by then and my hand will be empty. We still celebrate Eid quite bigger ways, as our own family got enough members, but the Mehendi part is a little down these days!

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  2. Nostalgic one😊😊😊…….It has been a long time since I hav put on mehendi and as u said…..the best part is comparing the color n design among each other…..dat too…Cousins😍😍…..

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