Load shedding

Here i will put some interesting things related to the hours of electricity cut off in Kerala

  1. Hour of relief among students in India, close your book and chill
  2. Hour of chit chat, Regardless of age and gender everybody comes into one room to spend sometime together.During this time hidden in born singing talent is discovered.Meanwhile gossiping strikes at its maximum.
  3. Worst hour of missing favorite television programs , serial and the climax of superhit movies.
  4. Peeps out of the window just to make sure that the neighbors are also facing the same electricity issues , that’s the time of great relief.
  5.  Electronic gadgets die out of starving.
  6. During this time people use coconut shells to straighten their wrinkled clothes, especially in the peak hours .
  7. Hour of discomfort and heat during the summer.
  8. Hour of exclusive usage of candles, chimney lamps,torch, emergency lighter etc. After that every thing gets back to cupboard as a show piece. These days kerosene lantern is found only in museum.
  9. Hour during when the homemaker is at peace  NO COOKING, NO WASHING, NO GRINDING. At times electricity board decides to burden them so they end up resorting to traditional values ( ammikallu , alakukallu etc)
  10. Drawing water from the well if your water tank decides to get it emptied, every drop of water is precious in this case.1

Being an expatriate i have faced difficult time to tackle this period off electricity shortage but those moments made me realize the importance of electric current in this world. Big salute to the scientist who came up with the dynamic theory of electricity .People back in India have installed inverter in most of the houses now so those memories can never be cherished again.


5 thoughts on “Load shedding

  1. This reminds me of India’s first female astronaut kalpana chawla .. She dreamt of exploring space during her childhood days while sleeping under moonlight ..

    Those wonderful moments can never be replaced ..


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