Shining star amidst vast sky

Her room was always a mess as her boy was roaming around and exploring each and every drawer .While  devoting her time to clean her wardrobe she came across a small pink locked book which has beautiful quotes as its cover , she couldn’t recall when did she get that. She has lost the keys to open up the long lost treasure.She was confused and impatient to know the content of the book. Several unsuccessful trial for unlocking the key was followed by opening the key with her

First page has nothing written except her name in bold letters , as she flipped pages she recognized it was her “autograph book ” .She can’t recollect when did she use that book . Anxiously she sat peacefully at a corner of her room to read. She began reading it from the first , she read a few familiar names but awfully couldn’t recall their faces. Slowly slowly after reading few message it struck her mind that she has used this book during her high school days

As she turned pages, curiosity was assembling.She retrieved some good old memories in the school auditorium ,in the laboratory , during lecture, during school trips etc. She saw a pretty good number of bynames of her friends who wrote messages for her , few messages were pretty close to heart and informal with all weird stuffs that happened in her life back then whereas few others were formal with a blessing wish for the rest of her life.For a while she could hardly remember 2 or 3  faces the rest of them had blurred image.

She has lost all her friends for the past 15 years ever since she got married. Since then she has never dialed up even a single friend of hers,she has  deleted all contacts from her phone. She was inactive on social media for so long , literally everything seems lost. She has concerns sprouting in her deserted mind .She wanted to approach them. She has never ever took effort to contact them before, that pulls her back from initiating renewed conversation. She knew she was to be blamed for ignoring and hurting them. Despite of being late it was clear that it was her fault .She realized she can never get those wonderful gems back in her life .Regrets has overshadowed her emotions.

She muttered ‘friends are shining stars amidst the vast sky’she has never appreciated their worth in the past like today.images-1


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