Insecurity is not having double password protection on your phone

Insecurity is holding your mum’s hand firmly in the ubiety of aliens

Insecurity is not having more number of escort in public

Insecurity is when you are jolted awake from dormancy at twilight without nightmares

Insecurity is not having multiple bolt in you storage cabinet

Insecurity is when you stutter your speech while socializing


“It’s a feeling of pessimism

It’s a matter of sensitivity

It will definitely rip you apart

It’s easily manageable

It doesn’t need antidote

It requires sentimental approach

It will wind up in public

embarrassment and enduring catastrophe

Tackle it lightly before exhausting your aplomb”

3 thoughts on “Insecure

    1. This post deals with my niece , she is a bit insecure in her parents absence ..Nothing happened as such ..i just wrote down my feelings …At times you know right kids may be high and they might create unwanted dramas ..

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