Be clever while you speak

Talking in any other language other than your mother tongue doesn’t mean you are an attention seeker or boasting vocabulary in different language. It means either the person is used to such kind of life or they wanted to improve their communication skill .

Yes , I can’t totally deny the fact that this kind of communication is an exaggeration of pride. Certain circumstances “MATURE PEOPLE “does that ( forget about kids and teens)

I speak manglish in other words i mix and match malayalam with english the reality is am a NRI – non resident of India, so there are high chances for me to come up with the language i am convenient in. I confess that its my mistake to put down these language .

I have witnessed a couple of times when people overrate a genuine person just because they speak in english .NEVER EVER judge them in your mind because that’s ridiculous ,that shows how immature you are!

I have come across many grown up adults who would speak only in english no matter whether they interact with kids, teens or elderly .At least be mature enough to know when to slide your language.

Never disrespect elderly by talking in different language (probably they doesnt know the existence of that dialect ) are you trying to insult them in public. Why do you need to bug them? why causing unnecessary agitation ? Behaving that way round ,you are delibrately proving yourself to be a fool and creating a scene for people to taunt you

How can you expect kids to know different language before they start their schooling ? Are you assuming assistance to be given inutero for learning different language?

‘Before speaking realize whom are you gonna deal with ‘- think wisely before speaking




9 thoughts on “Be clever while you speak

    1. hahahaaa lolzz i loved your query!
      pani thannath alla , i have noticed these kind of attitude in most of the working females in this part of the world . They are not ready to speak in their mother tongue even if they are fluent ,it is as if slaughtering their pride…

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