Albiet sprinkling grounds of hope

Soul was constrained

Numb spirit still passive

Anticipating a cold drizzle

To ignite drained soul


14 thoughts on “Shower

    1. Hahahaaa while writing that line i thought twice regarding the same matter..Usually drizzling can put off the blaze in you but here i meant it can also bud grains of optimism ..I HOPE SO you understood my point of view

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      1. Oh! That comment is in support for your write up, drizzle can ignite the soul, i got the inner meaning, like a silent voice! Its brilliantly penned .. Happy blogging 🙂


      2. ‘Take Away’ i mean its going to stay in my mind, like Pizza Take away, i took food for thought from this post. am i clear now 🙂


  1. Thank you for the wish ..Haaan even i was confused between- thoughts about the doubt took you away or where you able grasp the take away message from this ..Sorry i weaved the situation to worst..Happy blogging and have a bright day


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