Acid attack

“My hatred towards him started since grade 1 , he was a perfect up to date student with all the good caliber to grab ones attention . He has printed his name in teachers and school staffs good book from day 1.His absence was easily noticed by all .He was able manage to be a topper not only in studies but also in extra curricular activities.At an young age he has seized every parents attention in the locality. He was always a role model among kids of his age and also older ones.

Even at my home parents used to compare me with him in studies, behavior ,time management,sports etc, for everything i was at fault. What so ever i do or perform not a single soul would appreciate my efforts . My parents wanted me to join tuition just to score better than him , it was a big deal if i ever score a single mark more. My mother would celebrate that night like some festive occasion serving delicious mithais and dinner .My parents persuaded me to join him for karate class i was not even interested ,instead i loved balls I was passionate about soccer .I was ambitious to be a football player but my parents would crush my buoyancy .They would mock at it saying you can’t even kick a ball being chubby.Was it my fault that i became chubby? Was it my fault that parents dint nurture my interest.

Wherever i would go i was introduced by saying his classmate or friend . Don’t i have an identity myself? For the past 5 years i have been hearing “be like him be brilliant be attentive be polite be humble  blah blah”.For every golden feather being added to his cap i had to face endless intimidation . I had been going through mental and physical harassment since years .I was fed up of parents eating my head. Whenever he wins a gold medal i had to bear days of loneliness , my mom wouldn’t talk to me she would create an mourning atmosphere as of losing dearest family member.  His presence has ruined my life , my mom has never applauded me even for a single effort taken by me to make her proud off.

I deliberately wanted to put a pause to his supremacy in my life. So, i decided to harm him i thought of hitting him with a compass and running away but i wasn’t confident what if i get caught? so i decided to throw acid on his face”


His eyes was bloody and filled with grief as his eye lids approached each other tears rushed over his flaming chubby cheeks . He buried his face under his arm without adding a single word to his confession . The principle’s room was filled with silence only his wailing broke that dull atmosphere.All the teaching staff’s eyes were glued to his parents who has bowed their head out of remorse.




5 thoughts on “Acid attack

  1. I missed to see those quotes initially. so got a bit confused while reading the last para.
    But, yes, I got it, once the quotes appeared
    The parents are only responsible for this. it is really sad to notice that such events could be happening all around us, spoiling their kids..

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