Mirror image

While she was busy in her evening duty amidst the strangers her attention was seized by an old female ,even though dozen folks flowed into casualty department during those peak hours .At a single glance tattered memories flashed her sense .This made her preoccupied mind to slip into reminiscence of golden days of her childhood. Her heart punched her chest wall almost cracking those tiny bones .She felt a hard lump in  her throat and she got all misty eyed.For an instance that old mesmerizing voice echoed her ears. To avoid public embarrassment she wiped those precious teardrops. .Those moments can never be retrieved again in her life ,its gone its gone forever.It has gone beyond her reach. Senile face lit the parched sandalwood in her mind.

God created “look alike” in this world just to remind us of our lost loved ones.


7 thoughts on “Mirror image

      1. Oh..okay..my grandma used to tell me whenever i cut tomatoes, that to cut them in small sizes…tomatoes are one of the daily stuffs in kitchen, no..so she always comes in my kitchen through those memories 😳

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      2. ohh good old memories of your grandmother , i think now your words would echo whenever i enter kitchen ..Now only thing we can do is cherish those memories irreplaceable memories .. may their soul rest in peace

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