Here I am addressing  Dr. Fauziya Shersad ( Daughter of late Indian MP- E. Ahmed ). May his soul rest in peace .

Her words still haunts …

She taught us about professionalism in Medicine .When she spoke to us about medical ethics I wondered why should we be taught about such moral values are’nt we mature enough to behave properly and wisely .  Today I saw medical ethics deceived her, it was terrible .To see her in such situation was helpless .She and her sibling had to beg and plead to get an opportunity to visit her father who was ventilated.She told us the need of educating the upcoming doctors about ethics in medicine just to make sure that they treat their patients not just with drugs but also psychologically and emotionally.What she told has become a reality yesterday .

Yesterday she had to hang her head down because of dishonour from doctors. How can someone be denied to visit her father when he is at his deathbed . Till her last day this event would  be marked in black .WHY because humanity has been erased from our hearts instead selfishness has conquered our life .How can doctors not disclose the medical condition about a patient to his kith and kin? Just because of some political issues you refused . Aren’t these doctors questionable for behaving indifferent? .She had to go through several commotions yesterday to get her rights established in India . Why was constitutional rights imprinted in our judiciary ?Is it for a namesake!! Or is it to protect each and every individual from being abused. Why was doctors made to read and agree hippocratic oath before stepping into a devoted career?If these kind of injustice happens with a politician ( MEMBER OF INDIAN PARLIAMENT ) at his deathbed think about normal people like us. Aren’t we also likely to be mistreated ?



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