Desolated life

Baby girl got dewy-eyed on the verge of tears brittle voice mumbled in her ears.

Do you truly love and care for me? Then why don’t you quit your job for me mom, I feel estranged without you whenever you have on call and night duty. I have been experiencing solitude every seconds of my childhood regardless whether it is a weekday or weekend .

I feel suffocating breathing the air of forlorn .Bliss and tranquility has forgotten my existence. I can’t cooperate with this alienated life anymore at any cost…….

A young aspiring famous doctor is dazed and thunderstruck .She is left behind to come down in favour of her passionate career or her beloved family

9 thoughts on “Desolated life

  1. The pain of that little child and the confusion of the doctor mother is so very well described, Faree! In a world that is too busy to pause for what is called the ‘ silliness of your child’s life’ usually outsourced to a maid or if s little lucky to grandparents, the confusion and pain is apparent.


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