Words of irony

Is your words a bouquet of compliment or a thorn of sarcasm

I am puzzled to absorb the interpretation of your sentence

Can’t you see my soul is drenched in the sea of your satire


My tiny pounding heart has been poisoned by the venom in your words

I am amused whether to embrace or reject your sentence

Out of breath i am , your words have always constricted my windpipe


I have been constantly slaughtered for your pleasure and fame

I am bewildred to take in the true essence of your sentence

Why should I be a synonym for failure in your book of bitterness






3 thoughts on “Words of irony

  1. Many a time, there are thorns like these that we come across that tend to hurt us, cause us to bleed but I suppose the idea is to learn our lesson and move on, life has so much to offer that these little thorns that pull us back just needs to be ignored.After all, it is us who can create our own happiness.

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