Inflamed memories

Few heart warming moments in my life never had a typical eternal rest , instead they were reduced to ash by my soul


Battle of silence

Your feeling for me has been desensitized Since the day we kick started our cold war Initially it was just our lips who refused to exchange words Gradually our eyes has turned out to be hazy At the moment our souls has parted their ways When will our silent war wind up Probably truce should… Continue reading Battle of silence

Muthu chippi

Aapratheekshithamayi avaludey theerathu adiyunna anugrahangal aval chippikulile muthayi kathusookshikumayirunu. Aa muthinu vendi aval orikalpolum mungithappiyitilla.   Translation - She has always protected the unanticipated blessings that kiss her coast, just like a pearl inside a seashell. She has never ever dove in search of those tiny little shells. (forgive me for the mistakes )

Never mind …

Apparently she was invisible to him , he ignored her questions because he regarded her to be his patient who is not in normal perception. Barely he knew that he sparked off another bipolar episode in her (Bipolar - a mental disorder characterized by both manic and depressive episodes, or manic ones only)  

Notion – 2

Isn't it better to be tongue tied instead of being noisy If your words flash pitch black gloominess in your beloved ones Why do you exist if your purpose in life is to extinguish calmness and euphoria in them?

incompetent soul

You ploughed forlorn barren land in my low-spirited mind to sow the seeds of negativity and dejection Your sugar-coated depreciating words contributed as a manure for those tiny shrubs   Routine hard work and perseverance was provided as sustenance by me to announce the world that the fruit of success has sprouted in my barren… Continue reading incompetent soul


"Forced to do so and willing to do so "both these words indirectly impart my attitude . if you ever force me to do something that i dislike i will never put in my best whereas if you give me an opportunity to do something that i prefer then definitely you can see my success… Continue reading Attitude