Let me wake up to your pitter patter on my rooftop in the mornings. I wish i can visualise the sunlight through your dewdrops. I want to rejoice your cold breeze that can freez my nerves . Grant me a chance again to inhale the earthy scent when your drops kiss the dry soil. Give… Continue reading Cloudburst



She saw her aspiring future submerging in the deep-sea , all she did was waving "goodbye forever " to it . She let her dreams have a excrutiating farewell , for the sake of her parents who had a poor opinion of her being a degree holder.        

Viral attack

Self esteem virus has corrupted her system Downloading a programme against this virus was ineffective Ignorant was she to the updates regarding the deleterious events in her network Bit by bit her system turned out to be inaccesible for the world


  His voice awakens her exhausted soul Her curved rosy lip is gleamed Her pounding heart skips a beat   His smile sparked joyful seconds of her life His cooes and giggles is her beloved lyrics Without his presence she is lifeless