Lifeless soul

Sacrificing her ambitious life for him .Are you even worth it ? Being adamant in your choice you might end up having a lifeless soul in her .


Wings of wellness 

His warm hands were searching mine , i looked at his sunken eye, even though i din't utter a single word ,we exchanged greetings with the vibrant rays of our vision. Eventhough his face gave me a blunt expression ,I knew there were many unspoken words that he tried to convey but desperately failed in … Continue reading Wings of wellness 


Diya in me is ignited when her lip is adorned with smile എന്നിലെ തിരി തെളിയുന്നത് അവളുടെ ചുണ്ടിൽ ചിരി വിരിയുംബോഴാണ്  

Battle of silence

Your feeling for me has been desensitized Since the day we kick started our cold war Initially it was just our lips who refused to exchange words Gradually our eyes has turned out to be hazy At the moment our souls has parted their ways When will our silent war wind up Probably truce should … Continue reading Battle of silence

Muthu chippi

Aapratheekshithamayi avaludey theerathu adiyunna anugrahangal aval chippikulile muthayi kathusookshikumayirunu. Aa muthinu vendi aval orikalpolum mungithappiyitilla.   Translation - She has always protected the unanticipated blessings that kiss her coast, just like a pearl inside a seashell. She has never ever dove in search of those tiny little shells. (forgive me for the mistakes )