Eluding from life

Sad and slow filmi songs were the top hits in her playlist ,it has always been on repeat mode.  Owing to the fact that She can relate the lyrics to her fruitless life...                           She plugs in earphone to flee from the world … Continue reading Eluding from life


Disloyal sense of mine

If misfortune is predestined to be my mate Why does life script offer me scenes of false hope Yet still my knackered brain trusts those deceiving clips of pipe dream.    

Desolated life

Baby girl got dewy-eyed on the verge of tears brittle voice mumbled in her ears. Do you truly love and care for me? Then why don't you quit your job for me mom, I feel estranged without you whenever you have on call and night duty. I have been experiencing solitude every seconds of my childhood regardless whether … Continue reading Desolated life


She held her chin up during those devastating years of her life. Everybody was proud of her courageous and positive attitude . She has never collapsed throughout those 5 years of hardship because of her partners health issues, he has always been a strong pillar for her . She was the epitome of fearless and … Continue reading Grief


  കൈവളളയിൽ നിന്ന് വഴുതി വീണ ഓരോ മുത്തും എൻെറ്റ പോരായ്മകളെ തൊട്ട് ഉണർത്തുന്നു   Translation : Each and every pearl  slipping from my palm  depicts my negligance        

Acid attack

Aren't we adults who are responsible for such events? aren't we the ones to be blamed for injecting aversion and grudge in those tiny minds. By giving ethics to our kids we are trying to etch a better earth to live in but are we making sure whether we stick to those morals?