Her mindset was labeled as self esteem He advocated to gulp the past Was it facile to neglect the chapter of wisdom Worth a gem she took from her abandoned past



Dark clouds paused hearing her mesmerizing voice High tides turned sluggish enjoying her silvery words Timer was motionless listening to her endless chanting Tuning his ears to her was his favourite hobby Her tales fostered euphoria in him    


  നിൻ കാതുകളിൽ ഈറൻ സംഗീതം പോലെ കോരിത്തണുപ്പിൿാൻ തുളളികൾ വെമ്പല്‍ കൊളളുന്നു നിൻ നാടിയിൽ രോമാന്ജം കൂട്ടി സിരകളിൽ അലിനോഴുകാൻ മാരി ആയി പെയ്തിറങ്ങുന്നു  


      Inner evil spirit rumblings turmoil of mental woes overshadowing quintessence since individualism is bleak tedious battle of life abandoned in truce        

Despair until parting

Cerebral palsy is a chronic brain damage affecting movements and posture but not mental health, consider them as god's beautiful creature who requires assistance for existence