Mom’s touch

The aroma of his favorite dish provoked his taste sense . Without a second’s delay he started munching .Every ingredient in the masala was on point and it was a perfect treat to his taste buds .Even though the dish satisfied his appetite his subconscious mind said something was odd. In a little while he…… Continue reading Mom’s touch


She held her chin up during those devastating years of her life. Everybody was proud of her courageous and positive attitude . She has never collapsed throughout those 5 years of hardship because of her partners health issues, he has always been a strong pillar for her . She was the epitome of fearless and…… Continue reading Grief

Burn your mask Let the world visualize the real YOU

Flipped another chapter of wisdom Irrelevant to review how it ended Yet another opportunity to assess myself .. And hence found I was endangered because i assume people to be REAL AND WHOLEHEARTED   Fingers crossed!! I am inquisitively waiting for the next dismay